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    About Renard

    About Renard

      was established by Ian Fox in 1987 and includes two properties at Cobram in Victoria and Corowa in NSW.

    At Renard we are commercially focussed with the cattle we offer producers who are keen to improve their bottom line.

    We currently have six stud bulls working at our properties..... Read more

    Renard Bulls

    Renard Bulls

    Our bulls are predominantly sold to commercial cattle producers who on sell their progeny for a range of applications including, yearling beef, vealers, bigger export bullocks or breeding stock. We love to hear our clients tell us that when one of our sires is used on their commercial herds the end results are lovely fine shaped calves that get up and grow from day one; have bigger growth for age at weaning, and realize higher dressing percentages than when other breeds have been used..... Read more.
    Our Breeding

    Our Breeding

    Whilst the base of the Renard herd are horned, we do have around 30 Poll cows in production. Going forward we have purchased a New Homozygous Poll sire in Rupari Poll D’ Joiner. We purchased this bull from the late Bob Andrews who had paid what is thought to be a world record of $ 50,000 for this Blonde bull.

    Joiner  “ PJ”  now teams up with our own Poll sire Renard Jazman. We are also using through AI several  other Imported Homozygous Poll Sires.

    Of note there should be around 150 Renard Blonde cows calving to Polled bulls in 2017.

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