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    Blondeman Cattle

    A group of Blonde members, mainly from Queensland came to the conclusion at a Beef Rockhampton exhibition that a Blonde d’Aquitaine/Braham combination would add value to the beef industry. From here the Blondeman breed was formed through the Blonde d’Aquitaine society.

    The combination of these two hardy breeds has realised the best of both worlds by utilizing the Euro and Bos Indicus best traits.

    The Blonde breed contributes fine bone/ high yield, powerful carcass, efficient feed conversation, excellent fertility under harsh conditions, docility and ease of calving. Add the Braham’s resilience and the ability to handle ticky areas better than most and we believe you have an ideal marriage.

    There have been excellent Silver Blondeman bulls being used commercially for some years. We at Renard now have some Red and Poll Blondeman bulls that are ideal for maiden heifers to get those nice small first calves.

    Presently two Red Blondemans bulls are with 70 Droughtmaster X Red Brahman heifers at Kilkivan Qld.

    We feel this Breed will service the Tropical areas and Queensland extremely well.

    Two Red and Poll Blondeman bulls renard

    Silver Blondeman Bull renard

    Red and poll Blondeman heifers renard

    Red and poll blondeman bulls renard

    Red poll Blondeman heifer calf renard

    silver blondeman female renard

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