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    Achievable advantages when using a Blonde sire

    Using a Blonde bull over nearly all other breeds of cattle will provide a producer huge carcass and economic gain especially the butchering meat yield.

    Why waste valuable feed on growing fat and why would you grow all that bone on your stock just to throw it out ?

    A Blonde advantage is the fine flat bone that results in 10% more yield than other breeds. Heavier boned cattle have been proven to be the least efficient converters from kg. feed to kg. weight gain.

    A high percentage of Blonde cattle achieve around 65% carcass from live weight, 83% bone out from carcass to saleable meat which equates to a 56% saleable meat yield from live weight when most other breeds yield is 56% carcass from live weight.

    Another advantage of the fine bone is the reduced risk with calving cows. A high percentage of Renard sires are specifically chosen for use over heifers.

    In our opinion the final piece of gold from the Blonde infused stock is the extremely fine texture of the meat itself, this produces fine and soft meat to enjoy on the dinner plate.

    blond infused renardBlonde infused offspring 2016

    Blonde cross cattle at market stageBlonde cross cattle at market stage

    Hereford blonde cowHereford blonde cow with three/quarter blonde calf.

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