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    Stud Bulls

    Our bulls are presented to prospective buyers in a “fit to work” condition as a result of being raised fuss free under very normal commercial conditions. We are meticulous in ensuring that sires on offer meet core standards that are considered “must haves” as there is no place in our breeding strategy for sub standard cattle.

    Temperament is first and integral to our breeding. Good temperament not only ensures less stress and effort for handlers but also ensures quality carcass performance. Sound feet and legs are of upmost importance, because if a sire can’t walk they can’t function effectively and/or for very long. Without a fertile sire, profits are eroded. Our experience at Renard is that the fertility gene is extremely high in our herd. Combine this with longevity of our female stock and calving ease, we feel a Renard Blonde sire will be a sound investment.

    Over many years we have sourced genetics from France, Britain, Canada to assist us in achieving the type of Sire that we feel will give your resulting Blonde cross calves the added bonus at market time.

    We genuinely believe that if you breed with a Renard Sire you will be guaranteed increased weight and yield. Consistent B shaped butts, bigger and better eye muscle size certainly appeals to the domestic butcher.

    Traditional quality horned as well as sought after polls are available.

    Our bulls come with a guarantee for fertility. We will replace any bull in the first 12 months with proof of underperformance.

    Sales of two or more bulls will be delivered free of charge within 300 KM of Cobram though we are always willing to consider assistance with transport if we can.

    We are always ready to give a buyer guidance regarding their choice and options about what may suit their own purpose. We want our buyers to walk away satisfied in the knowledge they have made a choice based on their careful unrushed consideration.

    Rupari Joiner d’Poll - current sire.


    Rupari Joiner dPollThis bull, an Homozygus Poll, was originally purchased for a record $50,000. Renard then purchased him in 2016. He is now working as a Homozygous poll sire in the Renard herd. For a poll bull he is wonderfully muscled and early maturing and we feel he will add another dimension to our herd genetics.  See our News Item to read more.

    Renard Jazzman - Poll - current sire.


    Renard JazzmanSire Renard Galileo
    Dam Renard Dawn
    Jazzman comes from our strongest poll cow family. He is low set with plenty of muscle without losing softness; has terrific feet and legs and overall is a very good type.

    Renard Fonz - current sire.


    renard blonde cattle bull 02Sire Corolin Balthasar
    Dam Renard Carmel
    We call him the gentle giant and love his versatility as he can be used over many different types of cows. He won Junior Champion Bull and Supreme Champion Bull at Melbourne 2011 over some impressive competition.

    Renard Jackpot - current sire.


    renard jackpot

    This bull was an English imported embryo from the notable Druk herd. His sire was Ark Diego. He presents with mountains of muscle, great depth and length.

    Renard Jackaroo - current sire.


    Blonde dAquitaine no imageThis bull was a French imported embryo from the Hontag family herd. His sire was Vermeil. He has proven himself as an ease of calving bull, has great length and great temperament.

    Renard Galileo - current sire.


    renard galilaoSire Cololin Balthasar
    Dam Renard Cameo
    In our opinion Galileo comes from one of the best cow families in the business. His grand dam Hof Karena won interbreed champion at Sydney Royal, no small feat.
    You just have to love this bull. He is the perfect gentleman and proven to be a consistent producer of quality offspring. He has been a real pleasure to work with.

    Renard Justin - current sire.


    Blonde dAquitaine no image

    This bull was a French importd embryo from the Hontag famiy herd. His sire was Scout.
    He is a lovely smooth bull and as long as a train.

    Wilroy Archer - past sire.


    renard blonde cattle Wilroy ArcherSired by Wilroy Xerox and brought a new genetic at the time to the Renard Herd.

    Corolin Balthasar - past sire.


    Corolin BalthasarAI Sire Amaroo Upmarket
    Corolin Wintergreen
    We just love what this sire has brought to Renard genetics.

    Renard Victor - past sire.


    renard victorSire Renard Gullit Sam
    His dam goes back to the great Constantia Diedre the first imported herd into Australia from England.
    For the Renard herd, this bull was the softness and fat cover specialist. Victor also was a show winner for Renard achieving Junior Champion bull at Melbourne.

    Corolin Xuberant - past sire.


    Corolin XuberantEnglish Sire Tiverton Indiana
    Dam Young River Bell (WA)
    "Curly" as he was affectionally known within the Blonde community came to us from Rahnik Blondes and sired 200 offspring. He achieved Junior Blonde Champion and Senior Blonde Champion at Perth Royal over two years. He had a lovely temperament and was a pleasure to work with. He had great length and was deep and soft.

    Renard Extreme - past sire.


    renard extreme 01Sire AI English Druk Lance
    Dam Renard Stacy (Interbreed winner Sydney Royal)
    A good all rounder with excellent feet, depth and muscle.

    Renard Big Business - past sire.


    Renard Big BusinessSire AI English Druk Lance
    Dam Renard Vicki of Hof Karena lineage
    Another great all rounder who later was the top priced bull at Lardner Farm World.

    Renard Philosophy

    renard blonde cattle temperament"Temperament means the world to us"


    renard blonde cattle lengh means weight small"Length means weight, short length cattle don't worry the scales much"

     grow meat renard"we say don’t grow big bones, grow meat instead"

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