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    Renard Blondes claim supreme champion

    renard blond cattle melbourneWINNER: Renard Blondes stud principal Ellie Stephens with the supreme exhibit female. Photo: Andrew Miller.


    A COROWA stud has claimed the Blonde a'Aquitaine supreme exhibit with its two-year-old female.

    Renard Blondes stud principal Ellie Stephens said the win was recognition for the stud's ongoing commitment to breeding pure Blondes.

    "It's always a thrill when you put the hard work into the cattle and work with them to get them up to scratch so it's always nice to be rewarded," she said.

    "The bull she went up against was excellent ... he was well put together and Bronwyn Ward who owns him specialises in French pure cattle so we were pleased to win the exhibit."

    It was Ms Stephen's third time showing Blondes at the Royal Melbourne Show.

    "The stud has been in operation since 1987. My partner Ian Fox has won many awards over the years for the breed," she said.

    "I think for my heifer she's fairly soft and is a great feed converter.

    "One of the things we find with our clients who buy Blonde bulls is that they go well over the British breeds because they add carcase and length and really that gives you more yield as a producer and more dollars in your pocket."

    The stud runs 700 head as part of its operation which has a line of Blonde crosses for commercial purposes.

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