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    P BULLS 070220 renard blonde cattle FOR SALE Renard Blonde Cattle is proud to present for sale a group of our finest P year (born 2018) pure blonde bulls, putting these young fellows in the 14 – 20 month age group.

    The majority of this group are Poll though we have added some exceptional horned boys. We have the luxury to be able to cull hard and we do, so as to offer only what we would be proud to use ourselves. If our bulls do not meet our exacting standards of soundness and temperament they are not put up for offer.

    We have a range of climate conditions here in the Riverina ranging from 48 degree days to cold bleak winters. This year the water situation in the area has been dire and has drastically reduced our capacity to grow pasture. These boys have endured some hard times at our Corowa (NSW) farm and in recent times been hand fed on pasture hay and soon we will supplement that with Anipro, a molasses based product with cider vinegar.

    They have weathered it all showing the true resilience of this breed and their amazing ability to efficiently convert fodder. In anyone’s standards these young bulls are excellent and will be a valuable asset to anyone who adds them to their herd. What you see here is what you get. They are not grain fed and are all in good working condition.

    Our Blonde cattle have certainly done their producers proud of recent times. Terry Nolan of Nolan’s Meats and Cooloola Blondes near Gympie took out the award for the “most profitable animals” with a pair of near pure Blondes against a huge line up of young cattle of all breeds. They had been on the same feed as all the other stock but came out well in front for their carcase yield, extra bone out percentages and weight gain.

    Then at the Royal Melbourne Agricultural Carcass Competition a Blonde cross animal won Salesian College awards that included “Grand Champion Carcase”, “Champion Export Carcase”, and best school entry.

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