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    RENARD Blondes head to Queensland

    Seventeen (17) POLL bulls of varying ages and twelve (12) POLL young P year heifers were trucked to Terry Nolan’s Cooloola Blondes’ operation in the Gympie region of South East Queensland on February 27, 2020.

    Homogyzous Poll Renard Power Poll Cooloola Blondes

    Terry Nolan is also a director of a 100% family owned operation, Nolan’s Meats. The business is vertically integrated throughout the beef chain from breeding to feed lotting, processing, distribution and wholesaling. Their reputation for quality is impressive and well known within Australian and overseas’ markets.

    In the Gympie Carcase Classic 2019 Terry Nolan won the Charlie Cotter all-rounder award and received 1st and 2nd placings for most profitable animals with impressive $374 and $338 net gain in value with blonde and blonde cross animals. There were 51 exhibitors and 180 entries all fed the same amount over the same period of time.

    This certainly has not been a first for Terry who has taken out a number of Carcase and excellence awards over the years. He is a great believer in the power of blondes in the beef industry and been an advocate of the breed. In 2014 he partnered with the iconic Breakfast Creek Hotel, Brisbane to feature blonde steaks on their Menu and their “fresh, almost crisp flavour” and fine textured meat created a “melt in your mouth” experience for the hotel’s diners.

    In an article in Queensland Country Life September 5, 2019 it states “the right combination of genetics and nutrition is helping beef producers like Terry Nolan reach the finish line sooner”. Terry hand picked these animals at our Riverina property, and we are excited that Renard bred cattle will part of his future breeding programs. We wish him well with them.

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