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    We have been buying Blonde Bulls from Ian Fox for the last 15 years. We are turning off prime vealers using Renard Bulls over our Red Angus Composite cows. We have been very impressed with calf growth performance, with the top 20% of vealers being well over 400kg by 10mths of age, only on Mum & grass. Birth weight is never an issue from both heifers and cows, which certainly helps to lower stress levels at calving time! They are always market toppers, causing an entertaining play off with butchers. Terrific muscling, but still maintaining correct softness. Renard bulls will continue to be used in our breeding program well into the future.

    Dale, Jan & Rachael Mitchell

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    Five years ago we purchased 100 angus and shorthorn heifer calves. We then started searching for a low birth rate sire who would add hybrid vigour to our cross breeding. A quiet temperament was also a must for us. We met Ian Fox at a Henty Field Day and after seeing his bulls and a cross bred Blonde calf we walked away with our first Blonde purchase. We have since bought another three Renard sires. Within a month of our first calving we had chunky little calves who within 10-12 months realised 400 kg average.
    Hardwicks of Kyeton in Victoria offered the same price for heifers and steers well over the market rate. The big bonus was their carcass yield with one steer yielding 56 percent from their full paddock weight.
    We are very pleased with the impact these Renard Sires have been having on our herd and the results we have achieved.

    Charlie and Lou Clemson

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