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    About Renard Blonde Cattle

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    Renard Blondes was established by Ian Fox in 1989 and includes two properties at Cobram in Victoria and Corowa in NSW. Ian was attracted to the Blonde d’Aquitaine breed (the second most popular breed in France) and made a measured decision to lease 30 original Blonde d’Aquitaine females imported into Australia by an English woman, Mrs McDougall. These females were then flushed with the resulting shared calves becoming the start of the Renard herd. Ian then imported full French blood embryos from Canada. Through AI breeding and embryo transplant the Renard herd multiplied quickly. Many Blonde d’Aquitaine stud operations today started with Renard stock and assisted in raising the value of this breed.

    To this day Ian stands by his investment decision as he firmly believes the Blonde d’Aquitaine breed adds real industry value. Ian’s continued dedication in enhancing the profile of this breed, combined with his strong sense of integrity has seen Renard cattle highly sought after by many commercial and stud breeders.

    Ian’s passion for the breed has been his life’s work and Renard is proud that is has been considered the largest Blonde d’Aquitaine producer globally boasting some 600 plus pure blonde cattle. We understand “biggest” does not always mean the best, but in Renard’s situation bulls and females have evolved over a long period of time to meet the ever changing needs of the industry and associated markets both locally and internationally and continue to do so.

    Renard cattle have been exposed to extremes of weather being raised in the Riverina districts, and consistently demonstrate their adaptability and resilience for a range of environments. When other breeds head for the trees in summer, our cattle thrive on it.

    Cattle offered to breeders are sound both structurally and reproductively; are docile and easy to handle and are soft in fat cover with appropriate muscling.

    Our key aim is that the investment a buyer makes in a Renard purchase not only meets expectations but exceeds them.


    Give us a call to talk about how we can match your needs with a bull or female or visit us at 131 Irvin Road Cobram. You will always be welcome.

    Renard Philosophy

    renard blonde cattle temperament"Temperament means the world to us"


    renard blonde cattle lengh means weight small"Length means weight, short length cattle don't worry the scales much"

     grow meat renard"we say don’t grow big bones, grow meat instead"

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