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    Renard success at Beef 2018

    Renard success at Beef 2018 – Rockhampton Queensland.

    Beef 2012 found Ian Fox wandering around the biggest display of beef cattle in the southern hemisphere at “Beef”, Rockhampton and thinking “I really need to do this before the use by date on my birth certificate expires” and he did.
    In 2018, after months of preparation i.e. selection of suitable animals, training, feeding, vaccinating them for northern conditions and general planning, Team Renard (consisting of Ian Fox and his partner Ellie Stephens, Mark Woodstock of Topwatch cattle services and Bronwyn Ward of BW cattle services) were ready to head North.

    Renard blonde cattle Success at Beef 2018 02

    he goal was to exhibit high quality competitive animals that represented the Renard herd and promote the Blonde d’Aquitaine breed in a positive light. A very important part of our plan was to on-sell these animals into the Northern beef producer market.
    Many were likely scratching their heads thinking Foxy (Ian Fox) had finally reached senility as the Renard team anticipated travelling some 2,200 kms North in a fully loaded old ex Post Office Mitsubshi farm truck. The old girl even got a full service and spray paint. Then the morning arrived when Foxy and Mark started the trip with the first stop at Goondiwindi 1050 Km’s from home. The next stop was at Ellie’s property at Kilkivan which is a further 650 Km trip. There the drivers relaxed at the iconic Kilkivan Pub owned by Fred & Sandy Brophy (of Boxing fame), and the cattle enjoyed a well earned rest. It then took 8 hours to travel to the final destination and meet up with Ellie and Bronwyn.
    The truck floor was fitted out with rubber matting and the cattle arrived in excellent condition without any obvious travel soreness. Anyone who has shown cattle knows that it takes some dedication and effort to keep the cattle clean, fed, watered and exercised over a week of display and showing, plus keep the site clean and tidy.
    All up 21 head of very impressive Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle participated of which we had 7 head. We were very pleased with the Judge’s comments about the Renard cattle’s style and attributes and compatibility with what the industry needs today.

    Renard blonde cattle Success at Beef 2018
    We were lucky enough to meet the right people who appreciated our stock and our seven head were all sold very quickly to good homes and we look forward to hearing some good success stories.
    We took away awards for Champion Senior Bull (Renard Man Murray), Champion Junior Bull (Renard Moneymaker), Champion Senior Heifer, Breeders group of three and Sires group of three.
    The Champion Senior Bull and Senior Champion Heifer, and the Sire’s group of three were all sired by our imported English embryo herd bull Renard Jackpot. Jackpot is an Embryo out of a Druk cow from England and sired by AI bull Ark Diego. This bull is leaving some wonderful stock for us at Renard including Grand Champion Blonde d’Aquitaine Female at Melbourne Agricultural show 2017.
    We dropped off Renard Moneymaker to Wilstonson Agricultural Field Study Centre, Toowoomba on the way home and a highlight was being asked to address some keen young farmers of the future about the Blonde Breed and our Junior Bull took it all in his stride.
    Will we do it again in 2021 ? Who knows, but we think the use by date on the old red truck may have expired by then.

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