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    Renard Blonde Beef winning high praise

    Renard Blondes is proud to announce that our own home grown “Renard Blonde Beef” from the Riverina districts has been sampled and sold through the Fitzroy and St. Kilda outlets of ”Meatsmith” a Melbourne wholesaler and retailer of the “best quality heritage meats” .

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    “We source breeds in the peak of their season and share the best with the restaurant industry. We have strong relationships with the farmers we work with, and all of our products are free range. We support their methods and vision for sustainable and considered farming.”
    Troy Wheeler , speciality butcher and wine merchant is co-owner of Meatsmith with Chef-Restaurateur Andrew McConnell. We asked Troy to give us some feedback on our Renard product. He answered the following questions for us.

    How would you describe Renard Blonde Beef?

    “For me this is the finest example of true European beef in Australia. It has been raised and grown the same way they have been doing it for centuries in France e.g. grown out for a longer time, giving the beef time to develop into its genetic make-up without compromising on quality”.

    Does it differ from other breeds and if so how ?

    “The big difference between this breed and the common breeds found in Australia like Angus, Hereford, Limousine is the size and fine marble and muscle ratio”

    What makes you want to have this product in your business ?

    “A few different reasons. A point of difference in regards to giving our customers a product that is not commonly found in Australia as a pure breed. I also believe in working with people like Ian and Ellie (Renard Blondes)who are truly passionate about what they do, which also translates to the end consumer.
    Knowing where our product comes from and why is so great and really important to our business.”

    Do you supply to Melbourne Restaurants ?

    “Yes, for example Cutler & Co, Cumulus Inc, Marion, San Telmo, Builders Arms Hotel”.

    Have you had feedback from clients/customers so far?

    "All the feedback from retail and wholesale sales has been extremely positive. Everyone has loved the flavour and texture of the beef. They found it quite clean and tender .”

    What could you say to assure local buyers in Cobram who may outlay for a quarter of an animal?

    “Ask your local butcher the best way to get the most out of your cuts and adapt different cooking techniques to utilise everything. “

    Any tips for cooking this meat ?

    “For me it’s simple, a nice big rib eye, cooked over coals and simply served with a good mustard and a fresh bright garden salad. “


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