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    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

    Farmers all over Australia at the moment are meeting some tough challenges what with scarcity of feed not to mention cost if you can find it; long term drought conditions; cost of water and the list goes on. It’s in times like these that farmers pull out all stops to think about other ways of doing things and in our case at Renard Blondes while juggling feed options, moving cattle around and trying to predict the weather we may have we stumbled on what looks like a winner in all the gloom.

    renard blonde daquitaine cows on moby

    An excellent farmer in the Berrigan district of Southern NSW recommended we try a product called Moby forage barley. We then allocated 90 hectares on our Corowa property to it and also put in 15 acres of grazing wheat in the same area. Both crops had the same fertilizer and both relied on natural rain as our Corowa (NSW) farm is on ZERO water allocation. In the last year we have had a total of 6 inches compared to our usual 18 inches and this autumn/winter period 5 inches which is half when compared to our average rainfall for the season. The past summer was long and dry as experienced by many with not a blade of grass to be seen.

    We had been told that the Moby Barley had very early growth and it has certainly lived up to its reputation particularly when compared with the grazing wheat planted alongside it. It is also known as a late finisher and we are looking forward to that and hoping for a five grazing yield. We have looked around our district and feel proud of this crop. Best of all the cows and calves are loving it and growing and fattening well.

    We will harvest some for grain to re-sow for next year’s crop and use more across the greater farm.

    Wishing everyone all the best with your own farming experiences.

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